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The Best Grill of 2020

Dave June 12, 2020 0 comments

Dining with loved ones is always unique. If the food is excellent, then it can take your happiness to the next level. If you are looking for the best grill of 2020 then, there is no doubt Kamado Joe Big Joe III Charcoal Grill takes the top position in the list.

What makes Kamado Joe Big Joe III Charcoal Grill best?

Let us look at the top qualities of this grill, which is becoming famous this year.

Three-tier Divide and Conquer

The three-tier divide and conquer flexible cooking system is the must-have product for the food lovers who look for the perfect and well-rounded dining without ever leaving the grill. The versatility of this grill is the highlight of the product without a doubt. It is suitable for varieties of foods in the different styles of cooking and works well at different temperature levels.

Air Lift Hinge

The common issue in grills is the dome usually falls or slam while closing or lifting. But the breakthrough hinge eliminates this problem. It reduces the dome weight by 96%. Hence you can lift the dome with your pinky finger!

SLoRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber

Another top feature of this product is SLoRoller patented leverage. It is one of the world’s optimal smokers. It equally distributes the heat and smoke while rolling and recirculating. The even distribution of heat will enhance the flavour and avoids hotspots.

Charcoal Basket

The cleaning process is straightforward in The Kamado Joe® because of its charcoal basket. It allows the user to separate leftover charcoal easily and quickly, and you will be able to prepare the next cook within minutes.

Build Quality

This grill is worth buying because of its material. The supreme quality materials make this grill durable. It is supported by heavy-duty Galvanized steel, and it is finished with folding aluminium side handle.

Kontrol Tower Vent

The Kontrol Tower top vent maintains the consistent airflow setting during opening and closing. The die cast aluminium with rustproof powder coat finish top vent is mold and rain resistant.


  • Premium 24 inches ceramic grill
  • Contains Heavy-duty Galvanized steel rolling cart
  • Patented slōroller hyperbolic smoke chamber
  • 3-Tier Divide and Conquer flexible system
  • Air Lift hinge – lightweight

To conclude, it comes with a larger cooking surface with versatility cooking. It is suitable for large families and even for parties. Without a second thought, you should choose this grill since it provides excellent value for your money.

Kamado Joe BJ24NRHCI Big Joe III 24 In. Portable BBQ Ceramic Charcoal Grill, Red
Kamado Joe BJ24NRHCI Big Joe III 24 In. Portable BBQ Ceramic Charcoal Grill, Red
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