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The Best Electric Razor of 2020

Dave July 27, 2020 0 comments

As a man, a clean shaven face will provide you with that impressive look and help you feel great. If you are looking for a premium electric razor, then you should consider buying the Norelco SP9860/86 + SH98/72 Series S9000 Electric Shaver Kit. Right from its launch, this electric razor has become very popular among shoppers who value quality.


Created by Philips Norelco, this electric shaver is worth the investment and a great purchase. You get two year warranty on this product which will replace the shaver should any problems with the shaver should arise.

It comes with a spare shaving head to be used if the existing one gets damaged or worn out after repeated use. The Norelco S9000 wet & dry series electric razor has been designed to offer clean, smooth shave, without having to experience cuts & bruises that is otherwise noticed with ordinary shavers. It has NanoTech precision blades to offer smooth shave. Nano particles are used in the blades to strengthen it. They also have long lasting and extra strong sharp edges. The manufacturers assure its users to derive fabulous results & that too at skin level. Also hair can now be cut with greater precision. It has rounder, wider openings that manage to catch much more hair with each pass, thus providing you with the much desired difference.

To ensure smooth gliding, this electric razor has Superb SkinComfort rings that provide an anti-friction coating and metallic pigments. You can charge your shaver easily through wireless mode including other i-compliant gadget. For this, you need to place the gadget on Qi charging pad offered with the charger. It takes just three hours to charge the shaver fully.

This electric razor kit features the SmartClick Precision Trimmer, shaver, SkinComfort Rings, NanoTech Precision Blades, Qi-charging pad, Multi-direction ContourDetect. This electric razor gives you 60 minutes run time, and an 18 minute Quick Charge. There is a percent battery level indicator so you know how much battery is left for usage and boasts a three hour full charge time. There are three settings: normal-sensitive-fast settings. It works dry or wet and has an ergonomic grip for handling.

This product has gotten many positive reviews from its current users. It is completely safe, easy to use and works perfectly as imagined. Being lightweight, it is also easy to hold and effortless to use.


Norelco SP9860/86 + SH98/72 Series S9000 Electric Shaver Kit
Norelco SP9860/86 + SH98/72 Series S9000 Electric Shaver Kit
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