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How to Sharpen a Knife

Dave March 24, 2020 0 comments
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How to Sharpen a Knife

I recently met a woman who actually bought a new knife every now and then because her knife apparently lost its sharpness in a month period of time. So, ladies do not abandon your knives just because you do not know how to sharpen the knives.

A knife sharpener is a tool that actually removes the metals from the knife so that a sharp edge can be created. Here are 10 everyday things that you can use a knife sharpener in your kitchen or in a survival situation:

Coffee Mug

Ceramic coffee mugs actually are the best for sharpening the blades. You should fine a rough part on the mug – that does not slide down the cup. Start moving the knife forward and backward on the mug until you get the sharpened edges.

Leather Belt

It is an everyday accessory, present in every house. Make sure to use a leather belt that does not have stitching. You can run the knife across the belt, and sharpen its blades.


It may not be available in your house, but it is so inexpensive that you can actually buy it. For maximum sharpness, you will need to sharpen each grit bit by bit until knife is completely sharpened.

Nail File

If you do not have a sandpaper, you can actually use the nail file. You use it the same way as sandpaper is used – running the cutting edge on the nail file board.

Nylon Strap

Well, if you do not have nail file, you can make a do with the nylon strap. You can strop the knife on the nylon strap. Away from the cutting edge, you can run the nylon strap and sharpen your knife.

Smooth Stone

There might be smoother stones in your vicinity. You can run the knife on a smoother stone, and sharpen your knife in a few minutes. Stones sharpen the knives to a greater extent. You can store a smooth stone in your cabinet for the later use – if you happen to find it.


There might be concrete walls, islands or slabs in your kitchen. You will simply just need to run your knives on the concrete so that knives are absolutely sharpened. Concrete happen to sharpen the knife in a small amount of time.


You will surely have one of these things in your surroundings. So, do not abandon your knives and sharpen them when they do not work fine.

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