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How To Purify Water in a Survival Situation

Dave March 24, 2020 0 comments
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How To Purify Water in a Survival Situation

There have surfaced a great many stories of solo hikers or other people who stranded in the wilderness, and could only survive because they have crystal clear water to survive. Without water, you cannot survive more than 3-4 days – a few hours if it is too hot. If you have to spend a few unplanned days in wilderness, you at least need to know how to purify water in a survival situation to prevent running the risk of bacteria, parasites or contamination:

Boiling the Water

One of the most convenient way to purify water is to boil it. All the bacteria, contaminated elements or parasites die as the water is boiled. You can put a good amount of water in a steel kettle or something of that fashion, lit the fire and boil the water for five minutes.

You get the clean and filtered water in less than ten minutes time!

Bleaching the Water

Sure if you went up the mountains or into the wild, you should have taken the precautions in case you stranded – make sure to have bleach in your backpack.

First of all, you must sieve the large particles from the water and pour 16 drops of bleach in the water – 4 drops of bleach in a liter. You must allow the water to stand for 30 minutes. Now, you must ensure that the water has a faint chlorine smell, then drink it right away.

Water Filter

Nowadays, water bottles are available in the market that filter the water in it. Make sure to take one when you step into the wilderness. You will just need to pour the fresh water from lake, river or canal into the filtering water bottle and enjoy it.

Iodine Filtration of Water

You can filter the water with iodine. You can start by sieving and filtering the water, pouring 5 to 10 drops of iodine per liter. Let the water stand for 20 minutes. You can additionally add another mixture of fruits or powdered fruits into the water if you have them and drink it.

Sunlight Exposure

This is one of the easiest ways of disinfecting the water. You can put your clear plastic or glass bottles filled with water on a flat surface that gets sunlight exposure. You should allow the water to take in the sunlight for five hours. Then, you must shake the water vigorously and drink it.


This is how, you can disinfect the water in the survival situations.

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